234 Late

New comic about the cumbersome art of apologizing when it’s too late, but you still want to give it a try risking the fight. Concluded with that no matter what the aliens always wins and song titles are great to use as narratives.

234 Late by Angelina Elander 2020

In other words, say it with a comic.

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Another comic

The new drawing pad and markers were too much fun. Maybe that could become a new genre in itself ‘small pad big markers’ as a concept that could be transferred to other areas as well. This comic is about the concept of twinsouls/soulmates and illustrates quite humorously how we always think we have found ‘the one’ when we enter a new relationship. Then the relationship often goes sour after a while and ‘the talk’ is inevitable. How we then try to justify the pain of separation with spiritual growth and personal development, or destiny. Then the awkwardness of meeting your ex after you moved on, but still remembering. I think most people can relate to this.

Twinsoul Comic by Angelina Elander 2020

This too is available on Red Bubble on 87 different products.