Blue Glasses

Not as spectacular as Themini, but a more simple and subtle effect. If you need to look smart for an unexpected online meeting Blue Glasses provides a quick fix. 😉

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New illustrator: Tina Jakobsson

Pinkeye Illustrations proudly presents a new talented illustrator to our team!

This means we now also work IN COLOR! Check out her adorable mangastyle cartoons below.

Contact Tina at :

About Metinaj

Hi! My name is Tina and I am a young artist focusing on character illustrations in manga/cartoon-style, though I happily venture into other styles and try new things. My pictures mainly come in color, but I also do images in black/white and grayscale. Check out my examples!



Project illustrations

For a climate conference ( Consuming the Environment)  at the University of Gävle.

I didn’t make the actual logo here, but the rest of the stuff you see. This was however not done under the Pinkeye Illustrations regime, merely as a student proejct assignment and does not follow Pinkeye Illustrations guidelines either, since the color red is added ( the horror). I suppose colors beside black and white are not completely ruled out, but let’s try to keep it clean at least. 🙂

The people are fast sketches made in the wee hour just before the report was due for exam.

Welcome to Pinkeye Illustrations.

Pinkeye Illustrations is a subdivision of Pinkeye Productions, which is a multimedia empire that produces everything from design, art, music, film, photo, manuscripts and commercials.

Pinkeye Illustrations was created in order to precisely market the graphic department externally and focus on a more  customer friendly setting.

To be able to compete on the market we have narrowed down the options available and offer our customers logos and illustrations in black and white  with a fast delivery! How fast is up to the customer to decide, depending on how advanced the assignment is.

One hour, for quick sketches and simple logos. One day for more advanced orders. Time, design and price is something you can negotiate as a customer!

Here are some initial samples of our work. Logo and illustration done in Adobe Illustrator.



Welcome with your order!