Animaus logo

This is a logo of a spiritual environmental network called Animaus. The name and the design is inspired by the jungian idea of anima and animus, that we all have an inner self, a shadow that is the opposite gender than our physical. Today homogenous gender definitions might seem obsolete, hence the integration of the two in animaus, to symbolize the idea that we are all both female and male in spirit. It is also inspired by the symbol of animism and the yin-yang symbol (Taijitu). Animism is the belief that all things are spirited. That nature and all the elements in nature a spirit or soul, which also related to the jungian bush spirit of the ‘primitive’ tribes. That individuals are connected to individual elements in nature, a belief also seen in shamanism. In the colors and simplicity it also inspired by animé. Animaus is so far a fictive network, but who know, it might become reality. The triangle, or treetop, can be viewed as a new variant of the holy trinity as spirit/matter/union. Of course the Illuminati reference in inevitable, the eye in the pyramid, but it has two eyes, and can also be pig snout. 😉

Animaus logo and symbol ( Angelina Elander 2020).

Fast and furious indeed

Be Karen is now available as prints on Red Bubble.

Be Karen is a feminist and sarcastic comic about the oppressive stereotypes women are often labelled with. They must be appealing, gullible, happy all the time and never question anything. Be a feminist and don’t buy this bullshit. Note the bacon hair though. 🙂

The Naturalist

This spectacular masterpiece of a comic ( minus the animation) is now available on Red Bubble on 93 different products.

It’s another comic with my ‘small pad big markers’- formula. It illustrates the naturalist worldview in a simplistic manner, that there is a natural explanation for everything and what we deem supernatural is simply science not yet discovered.

Ghosting nature

G-HOST by Angelina Elander 2020

I bought a new pad for my new markers, but the pad was a bit too small for the big markers so the result became a bit naive. But, nonetheless it has a message that could also be interpreted as naive by those who simply don’t care about others or nature. The cartoon illustrates how it feels to be ghosted and how we are ghosting nature, animals, the environment and other things we feel are uncomfortable to confront or deal with.

G-Host is now available on 87 (!) products on Red Bubble.