A collection of new works

Here are some recent illustrations and art from the past year and this year. A mixture of both commercial marketing for Cleos Tarot, one poster for a theater, one illustration for a pig sanctuary, a few mystical illustrations for an occult fellowship and a portrait of my grandmother. Various techniques: digital, acrylics, aquarelle, pencil and pen.

Happy Easter!

Best regards

Angelina Elander

Angelas Tarot assignment

Angelas Tarot is a new Swedish tarot line that Pinkeye Illustrations has gotten the assignment to create illustrations, logos and marketing material for as well as helping out with starting up Facebook and Instagram accounts for the company. Here are some examples of the illustrations P.I. has created for Angelas Tarot.

Logo for Angelas Tarot created by Pinkeye Illustrations.
Background illustration for Angelas Tarot created by Pinkeye Illustrations.
Button for Angelas Tarot created by Pinkeye Illustrations.

Links to Angelas Tarot.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Angelas-Tarot-101231502141784

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/angelastarot/

Their website is still under construction.

If you need illustrations, logos and marketing material for your tarot line or company in other ventures you are most welcome to contact Pinkeye Illustrations. Also if you need help and support with starting up a tarot line and finding your way around internet, online marketing and social media.

Best regards

Angelina Elander

Pinkeye Illustrations

Note: Angelas Tarot is not owned by me and is not to be confused with Cleos Tarot, which is owned by me.

New illustrator: Tina Jakobsson

Pinkeye Illustrations proudly presents a new talented illustrator to our team!

This means we now also work IN COLOR! Check out her adorable mangastyle cartoons below.

Contact Tina at :


About Metinaj

Hi! My name is Tina and I am a young artist focusing on character illustrations in manga/cartoon-style, though I happily venture into other styles and try new things. My pictures mainly come in color, but I also do images in black/white and grayscale. Check out my examples!